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    Welcome Art and Bird lovers :)


    Thank you for looking around my new *Artistic* Website created by myself ! so please excuse my mistakes * Simon Mark Knott | Artist =^.^=

    My FINE ART * You will find on this Home Page links to my Fine Art Gallery of Birds, Wildlife, Landscapes, Pet and Family Portraits... All Artworks are original in * Oils, Acrylic, Watercolours, Pencil & Multi-Mediums. I have also created *FREE* Youtube *How To Paint in Oils* Painting Tutorials Including a timelapse of my Christmas Robin oil painting * called *Robin Timelapse* I hope you like :)

    My YOUTUBE * You can also watch my 750+ Youtube videos of British Birds & Wildlife UK ! follow this link to Youtube : Bird & Wildlife Videos I use these videos for my inspiration when creating Bird, Bee or Wildlife masterpieces :) See my Bumblebee in Oils * in the image above ! I live in the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire, England, UK so I'm able to capture photographs and videos of nature and the local countryside & landscape to produce Contemporary Art !

    *Simbird* means *Simon's Birds* Website... And it was originally setup to capture my garden birds on my webcams ! You will find some great Bird and Wildlife information links to help you capture webcam videos of your garden Birds and feed them so they will visit your backyard more often... No matter where you live in the World | Great Britain | Europe | USA | Canada | Asia | Australia... So follow the links below to start capturing great film footage and enjoy watching the action while feeding your garden Birds :

    Birds * Birdcam ! Webcam info : You can get closer to the Birds you are feeding if you use a basic computer webcam ;) Just follow this link *Birdcam by Simbird*

    Feeding your garden Birds * This link will help you get regular visitors to your garden and also a good selection of different types of Birds, The trick is to have a a variety of foods using good Bird feeders :) Follow my link to find out more... *Bird Feeding* - Happy Birding - Simon :)

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