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Birds of Prey... Tenerife Jungle Park... Parque Las Aguilas

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Parque Las Aguilas is one of Tenerife South's most exciting attractions. It is known by several names: The Eagle Park, Las Aguilas Del Teide and The Jungle Park.

Siting some three or four miles outside of Los Cristianos it looks down the mountian out over the sea. It is home to a whole host of flora and fauna.

Designed to give the visitor the feeling of wandering jungle pathways, the many exotic trees are alive with parrots and other unsual birds. There are many animal enclosures from pygmy hippos to white tigers.

But the park is more than just an attractive zoo, it has several other attractions including a jungle trail for the children to play on, shops and and restaurants, but by far the most popular part of the jungle experience is the shows.

The first show, a parrot show, will amaze you as these intelligent birds show off their skills at riding unicycles and playing basket ball. But the most fantastic part of the day and well worth a visit alone is the Eagle Show.

The highly trained bird handlers unleash several large birds of prey, including american bald eagles, condors, sea eagles and buzzards into the air and allow them to show off their natural talents. Witness an eagle plummet from high in the sky to pick prey from a small pond and marvel as the handlers allow the magnificent creatues to swoop low accross the crowd just inches from your head.