My Bird Feeder Tree & Knott Gardens" by Simon Knott :-)

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My Bird feeder tree and garden ~ with a variety of foods
The Bird Feeders include sunflower seeds, nuts, fatballs, thistle seed, mixed seed, meal worms, currants, & fruit flavoured suet treats...

There is a Bird bath and new pool water feature with shallow end for bathing / drinking and for wildlife including Tadpoles, Frogs, Damselflies and Pond Skaters...

I also have many Birdboxes dotted all around the garden at different heights for Robins (open Box type) ~ Great Tits, House Sparrows, Tree Sparrows and Nuthatches (using a 32mm hole) ~ Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Marsh Tits (which all use a 25mm hole)...

And there are two of my three birdcams ~ Philips ToUCam Pro & Philips SPC900NC/00 Webcam Pixel Plus ~ located in the Birdboxes and the other is looking at all the feeders by the *Bird Feeder Tree* on the wall (left) and underneth the conifers...

And finally I use a Canon IS S5 digital camera on a swivel / pan and tilt tripod head fixed DIY by myself onto a sturdy base which sits on the shelf of my computer room window, ready to take quick photos or videos... I use my Canon 40D with 70-300mm for outdoor wildlife telephoto / zoom photography and a 60mm macro for Insects and Butterflies ~ Simon :-)


Different Flowers with Necta for Bees & Butterflies ~ Click on any photo to see a larger version

I'm thinking of introducing more Wildlife friendly plants ~ any suggestion email me ;-)