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  • DYNAMAP & Simkraf * MAP! » »

» Simkraf World MAP *» * Minecraft Safe REGIONS & Pirate PVP *

Link to the BIG Simkraf Minecraft MAP with safe & PVP Regions ! BIG » Simkraf Minecraft MAP »»

» Simkraf Server UK info, joining and rules * Youtube Video Fun :)

Welcome to my Minecraft World :) This is a British UK Server created by me *Simkraf* for Adults & Grown ups ! who love to play the indie game Minecraft... I love building in Creative, but also like to play in other gamemodes like Survival, PvP or Adventure ~ So have combined them all on one BIG World Map ! The Vanilla style server includes Anti-Grief Bukkit plugins to stop greiving and the plugin *CoreProtect* can roll back buildings which have been griefed & the player Banned! We welcome Adult / Mature / Grownup Teenagers Who like Building Creative & Fantasy Themed Towns or vanilla style Survival with Essentails Economy & Vote4Cash! or Play PvP with Friends =^.^=

Top 10 Themed Villages, Towns & Cities * 80% Non-PvP & 20% PvP WORLD:
Dragon Lands & Elves, Pirates & PvP Pirate Bay, Knights & Castles, Sci-Fi & UFO World, Wild West & Cowboys, Modern & Creative, Old Victorian & Tudor, Ships & Islands, Villages & Towny, Scary & Dracula...

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FREE to Join... IP ADDRESS *** ***

1/. Join our free and fun server and (/p claim) claim a free Plot in Creative World * You start with Pirate rank... Arrr Matey ! Use Creative blocks to create a *Good* Minecraft build on your plot * Then Ask Higher Ranks Guardians or Mods to look at your cool new Creative Plot to rank you up !

2/. If they think it is a good plot you will be ranked up to * Explorer * Creator * Creative * This means you can access to Survival World or Creative Worlds or both ! These are Non-PvP Core Protected regions * This ranking system stops the Grievers getting access to our builds!

3/. If we spot *Top* Creative Minecraft builders we will rank up to the top rank of * Creative * to access a Core Protected Minecraft World for VIP 's * Meow =^.^=

Simbird's Simple RULES :

1. No Grieving in Simbird World ! (=Ban !)
2. Only PVP (Player vs Player) in PVP Regions
(Pirate Bay... Old Fort... Pirate Ships)
3. No Bad Language (Talk in English please)
4. No Spamming or Trash talk or Trolling !
5. Make friends and have fun :D


This is a * FREE * Survival Server... But to run the Simkraf Server *Continually* with best possible lag free SSD and *RAM* we need Donations from you... It ALL Helps us run a *Top* Minecraft Server * Meow says simkraf =^.^=

DONATE TO RUN THE SIMKRAF SERVER *Donation Thank you RANKS* * And Access to a BIG Private Simkraf World (see Map above !)

Pirate = FREE Rank (/money /warps)

Krafer = 15 Donation * One *YEAR* Rank (**** /FLY **** /kits /tools /money /warps)

VIP = 30 Donation *** CREATIVE SWITCH *** Change from Survival / Creative / Adventure * One *YEAR* Rank

PAY * To pay email Simkraf OR Let Simkraf know In game= !

Happy Minecrafting

~:-) Simkraf =^.^=


*** Remember to add MC Name Correctly ! ***

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